Echolight - New Generation BMD
Coming soon

Echolight is a new technology, from Europe, for analyzing the density of bone tissue.  Unlike current technology, DXA, this method has no ionizing radiation.  Therefore assessing the bone density more often will no longer be of a concern.  It uses a proprietary technology called R.E.M.S. which utilizes ultrasound to assess the micro architecture of bone.   The generated report will include all the same information that is provided by DXA but will also include new information concerning the fragility index of the bone.  This is the future for assessing bone health and it will be available later this month.  

Being such a new technology, OHIP does not cover the cost of this exam.  Similar to physio, chiropractic or osteopathy this will be a self pay exam which could very possibly be covered for reimbursement through many private health plans.   The benefit of being self pay means you do not require a requisition to book and have the exam.   

Please check this site for grand opening dates.

For more detailed information please visit the Echolight website at


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